Irish setter, besides being the name of a special dog breed, is the name of a chief shoe manufacturing company too. Sports and outdoor boots made by this company have a distinguished fame. The Red Wing Shoes designed to wear outdoors was a product of the Irish Setter Shoe Manufacturing Company in the 1920′s.

These shoes were one of the oldest footwear collection, fashioned to be specifically worn outdoors or during outdoor expeditions. Presently, these shoes excel in performance and quality, besides having attained a traditional value.

The company is situated in the River Town of Mississippi, which is well-known for its natural delight. It is also a town significant for its historical events. Wearing for extended periods doesn’t reduce the comfort of the Irish setter shoes, and they render an ideal fit that is incomparable. Some of the best shoes manufactured by the company are enlisted here.

Hunting- Big Game Boots is among the most celebrated categories of shoes from the company. The Elk Tracker Style is one of the most favored boots amongst this category. It is endowed with the trade mark Bulls Eye Air Bob Aggressive together with a dual density carbon rubber sole. These features make it lightweight and shock absorbent. Multi-traction directional lugs help to give the shoes an excellent grip.

Fishing-Traditional class of shoes from this company consists of a few of its outstanding all-time favorites. To illustrate, the Lakeside style is designed to be quite stylish with functional excellence. They are manufactured from nylon fabric which is resistant to wear and tear, together with an attractive distressed leather of brown color. The use of nylon shanks and EVA foot bed covered with fabric are other special features of these shoes.

The company also provides a nice selection of shoes for casual wear. The Trailblazer Style of this class has a high appeal. Worn saddle leather of brown color is used in these shoes. They also have a moisture-repellent nylon lining. A distinctive feature of these shoes is the Irish Setter Trailblazer Rubber Sole.

The Irish setter snow boots are very stylish and functionally perfect. The Cedar Creek Style belonging to this class is quite famous. Carbon rubber is used in these shoes. The flexibility of the rubber lug sole is a wonderful feature that gives balance while traversing through uneven tracks.

This boot possessing wonderful versatility has a 200 gram thinsulate insulation firmly fixed to its sole. The shape is maintained without distortion by a steel shank. The use of brown nylon fabric resistant to wear and tear is also another feature of these shoes.

The long-lasting and excelling performance of the shoes are remarkable characteristics. Maximum care is taken in the manufacturing process, to assure endurance, and steel shanks are particularly used to ensure that their shape is also retained for long. Besides these, the sole is constructed of carbon, a material that considerably lasts longer.

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