The Direct TV reviews for 2011 have been mostly unchanged from the reviews of 2010 with the exception of the loss of channels that had affected some areas. Direct TV reviews 2011 show that most clients are happy with the picture quality and the quantity of channels obtainable. Most of the negative reviews of Direct TV have to do with the loss of picture during storms or poor customer service.

For a short period, Direct TV was in contract negotiations with Fox networks. Many of the reviews from that time period show clients that were dissatisfied with losing their favorite shows. These reviews were scattered across the country and appeared to affect more rural areas that urban. Direct TV reviews of this time period show many unsatisfied customers with the way that these negotiations had been handled. Overwhelmingly, the Direct TV reviews gave the company extremely high marks in HD high quality and picture. Actually, many stated that it’s hard to live with out HD as soon as you have enjoyed it.

Stream Direct TV reviews were mixed across the board with many questioning if this service is a scam. Stream direct TV offers the chance to obtain 4500 channels for as low as $49.95, which is a onetime payment. This business offers the chance to by no means pay monthly cable bills again. Since Stream Direct TV comes in through your internet, your picture quality is extremely dependent on your internet quality. In rural areas, the picture high quality may be low if you don’t have access to high speed internet.

Stream Direct TV offers a chance to obtain access to lots of channels for much less than many pay for an individual month of other cable services. Stream Direct TV has been around for over 7 years and has a good history. Stream Direct TV reviews shows consistent high quality of picture and service that’s not weather affected. This might allow more access to TV without having to go scrap the snow off the dish. The bottom line is that it is a scam.

The Direct TV reviews 2011 clearly shows a consistent pattern with Direct TV for offering high quality television that provides you exceptional HD services with many channels to chose from. The downfalls of Direct TV seem to be regular to any satellite TV service, slow channel changing and television reception that goes out when the weather gets bad. Satellite TV in general is obtaining much more well-liked for those who do not want or don’t have access to cable television.

Whether you opt for Direct TV or Stream Direct TV is really a personal preference. You’ll need to weigh these positive and negative reviews. If money is a large consideration in this choice, then Direct TV may be the answer for you.

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