Just a couple of months ago, I bought a used car and to be perfectly honest this was a huge mistake. It has given me nothing but headaches from day one. I would love to just take it and push it off the nearest cliff.

The fact that I can’t afford to get another car is the only thing stopping me. I did not make one mistake when buying this vehicle; I made multiple mistakes.

The following are some of the things that I did wrong when making this purchase:

I really don’t know much about cars but I thought it would be fine for me to check it out myself. I doubt that anyone with a shred of experience would have even considered buying it. My mechanic has countless times told me that he is shocked that I actually handed money out for this car.

Another mistake made by me was to neglect to find out the average price for this type of car. The seller of this car knowingly sold me a pile of junk and for a higher price than the average; I don’t know how he can live with himself. But not knowing what a fair price was for the car, I can take some of the blame for this. I basically invited him to overcharge me.

I am ashamed to say that I did not take the car for a test driver. I am a new driver and did not want the seller judging my skills. Having this pride is something I am regretting every day. Even I would have noticed that there were problems with the car if I had taking a test drive.

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