As a fashion accessory, necklace has become very popular today. In the past, it is widely used by women but because of trend and time it is now being worn by men. Its use is very common to most people. It is a piece of jewelry worn in the neck principally for decoration.

The history of necklace can be traced around 30,000 BC where clams, stones and animal bones and teeth were found and were hung using a tread just like the idea of today’s necklace. The discovery continued when in a cave around 75,000 years ago, 41 mollusks were found in cave by archaeologists and historians. From then on, the necklace has evolved not only in terms of design but also in the type of materials used. With this we can say that the use of necklace has been around thousands of years ago.

Necklaces may be classified firstly according to length and secondly according to adornment type. The common examples of necklaces in terms of length are lariat necklace, choker, princess necklace and opera necklace. Gold necklace, diamond necklace, pearl necklace, tooth pendant necklace and prayer bead necklace are among classified according to decoration type.

During the older times, necklaces are used in order to distinguish between and among cultures. Still others use such with images of various Saints and crosses for religious implication. On the other hand, women use necklace to tell their status level in the community. But the most common reason why people use necklace is chiefly for personal adornment.

To get the best necklace you must consider the following points. In this way, you will get the one that really suits your need or preference.

* You must consider the length of the necklace that you are going to purchase. The length of such will depend on how slender or short your neck is. The choker type is best to people who have long slender necks while the lengthy one like the princess necklace is appropriate to those who have short necks.

* The type of necklace that you will wear must be appropriate to the shape of your face. There are four face shapes; rectangular, round, heart-shaped and oblong. To get an idea on the shape of your face just pull your hair back in front of a mirror.

* When it comes to fashion necklaces, it is not the style that matters always. It is your mood that will count. This is to avoid fashion mistake which is very common nowadays. It is best to find the necklace that will suit your mood when you wear it.

* Your outfit and the occasion that you are attending to will also matter in choosing a necklace to wear.

One aspect of wearing a necklace is that it can either make or break your appearance. It can make you look stunning among the rest for it can really draw attention. It can give a great say to your look. It can transform your and make you look elegant and stylish. In this and age, the necklace will continue to be versatile and trendy to suit every people’s preference.

Sandra White owns a couple of jewelries. One of her favorite is her Mikimoto pearl necklace which is known for its brilliance and unparalleled beauty. It has an “M” stamped on its setting which distinguished it from all the other pearls she has. For her, in choosing a Halsketten (necklace) the top most important is quality because it serves as her investment.

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