More people today are watching films on their PCs or laptops rather than their TVs and DVD players. This is more convenient for a lot of people because they no longer have to rifle through their libraries of discs.

The procedure of transporting the content of the DVD to the computer is called ripping. You will require 2 types of computer software to rip DVDs. The first software you will need is one which can actually rip the data of the DVD and another software to reduce the ripped DVD into a smaller size. You will be able to get maximum quality versions of the DVD minus the size.

For you to rip a DVD to your hard drive, you need special software. There are various free software online today which will enable you copy the DVD content to your computer. You can just search on the internet for proper software. Even so, be certain that the software programs you choose has good feedbacks from customers. You might need to read opinions first before deciding which one to use. Download the software programs and install on your pc or laptop.

A few of the top DVD ripping computer software today are: * DVD Rip * DVDFab Decrypter * RipIt4Me * DVD Shrink * Handbrake

You now are all set for ripping. All you’ll need to do is put the DVD to the drive and from the destination drop down list choose “To hard disk..” You need to pick a folder where the hard drive content will be burned. You will then be asked what you would like to copy, the entire disc, merely the video itself or portions of the video only. Click on the start button to begin with the ripping procedure. It is that easy. The procedure and steps will vary from one computer software to another but they are all pretty much the same.

Just remember that , you’ll need a large hard drive to save all of your DVDs on. It is more efficient to have an external drive that you can use on several devices, as opposed to to hold everything on one PC.

Check out this site for help learning how to rip DVD movies to your hard drive.

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