Ankle Sprain is known to be the most common type of sports-related injury. It can happen to any athletes who are involved in almost every sport. It can also happen to someone while doing daily activities. This injury usually occurs when someone steps into an uneven ground from jumping and running or if someone suddenly slips. It happens when there is an overexertion or too much stretching of the ligaments. Thus, ankle wrapping or bracing is introduced to treat this injury. An ankle brace can provide support and help prevent inflammation caused by ankle sprain.

There are only 3 articulating bones, and 3 groups of ligaments that make up the ankle joint. The bones are the tibia, fibula and talus. The ligaments can be divided into 3 parts: Medial Ligamentous Complex, Lateral Ligamentous complex and Syndesmosis. These ligaments are the ones responsible for attaching the bones to other bones. It helps give the stability of the joint.

Ankle sprain commonly happens when a person steps on a rough surface while he or she is running or jumping. It can also happen when the person is walking, but his foot has landed on a rough surface. Basketball athletes are prone to this type of injury. For example, when an athlete has accidentally stepped on another’s player’s foot, an ankle sprain occurs.

There is swelling in the ankle due to the accumulated fluid on the area. There is pain felt whenever you move the feet during walking or standing. Bruising can be seen on the affected area. The symptoms vary depending on the level or intensity of the sprain. It could be that the ligaments are slightly stressed or completely torn. There is some instance that a person may not feel any more pain if it is not his first ankle sprain. They could only feel it when the ankle is weak or unsteady.

An immediate treatment to the ankle sprain is necessary to prevent further damage to the area. It may be a symptom for an existing foot condition or injury. A simple ankle sprain, if left untreated may lead to a chronic foot illness or flaw. Common treatment of ankle sprain includes:

* Rest as much and as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the ankle.

* Ice. Use an ice bag when applying ice to the affected area. You can apply ice for 20 minutes several times a day. This will help decrease the swelling and pain.

* Compression with an ankle brace can help support the ankle and gives stability.

* Elevate the leg with the ankle inclined above the heart level.

* Physical therapy is sometimes recommended on a certain level of sprain. Special exercises are also advised to speed up the healing and to strengthen the ankle.

* Medication. Pain reliever medicine may be prescribed to relieve the pain.

There are different types of ankle supports that you can choose from. The ankle braces can be classified according to their use.

* Mild Support Ankle Brace – An ankle brace that can only give light amount of support which is ideal for a slight degree sprain in where walking is still possible. They are often elastic and comfortable which provides support without compression.

* Moderate Support Ankle brace – It is an ankle brace that can be used regularly by athletes especially if one is prone to ankle sprains. Also ideal with a second degree ankle sprain. Usually have straps that offer extra level of support to prevent ankle injuries.

* Maximum Support Ankle Brace – This brace is designed to treat third degree ankle sprains. It compresses and immobilizes the ankle to promote healing.

* Walking Braces – It can be used during recovery from an injury or accident. It helps strengthen and stabilized the ankle.

Ankle braces should be used along with the recommended rehabilitation for the proper healing of the sprained ankle.

Jamie Brandford is a basketball head coach of one of the best Universities in Germany. She believes that a good Sprunggelenkorthese (as they call ankle brace in German) if worn properly can help an athlete perform confidently and at his best.

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