Until you understand exactly what you want in a motorcycle, it usually is quite confusing when trying to decide on one. Since all motorcycles are classified by type, it is easy to tell which category a certain bike falls under. We are going to look at some of the well-known types of motorcycles in the market today.

The most common model of motorcycle will be the long-lasting and easy-to-handle Cruiser. It is made in many versions therefore it should be easy to find one that matches you. The no-nonsense handle bars along with seat gives the cruiser a very elementary but comfortable design. It has been made for outstanding handling and turning throughout high speeds. One small draw back to this actual bike is that it is among the heaviest bikes on the market. A number of custom made bikes fall under the class of Cruiser because of the design features. Even all those exceptionally customized choppers you see on TV would be considered Cruisers. Tour bikes that you spot on cross-country trips are also Cruisers. As a result of comfortable seats, these types of bikes are best for long road trips.

Bikes that are characterized by how fast they travel, are sport bikes. The sport bike is not as comfortable as a cruiser but it is very fast. The sports bike is perfect for racing instead of touring across the country. You’ll discover that most of these bikes tend to include excellent suspension and are much lighter than a cruiser so they do go very fast and can make very sharp turns. You will also find a dual-sport bike which may be used for both city and off-road riding. It includes big tires that allows it to be ridden on off-road surfaces with ease, as well as any street.

Even though you may not be familiar with the name, a Crotch Rocket sport bike is quite commonly seen on the road. It got its name because the biker must lean towards the handle bars when riding. As cool as the Crotch Rocket is visually, it’s not as comfortable to rider as the cruiser. You don’t need a license to be able to ride an off-road motorcycle so everyone can ride one. Obviously you will not be allowed to ride one on the streets without a license. They are generally called dirty bikes by those who ride them, because they are primarily used climbing dirt hills, or racing on dirt tracks. You will very rarely see these bikes with headlights or turn signals.

When you choose the category of motorcycle you would like, you still have work to do, before you finalize your choice. Make a budget and do a couple of tests drive before making a decision.

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