Do you have a car with tinted windows? If your car does have tinted windows, then it is up to you to clean them and do it right. The problem that most people have is that using glass cleaner and a rag is sometimes not enough to get your windows as clean as they need to be. What you need to understand is that if you don’t know how to clean tinted car windows then you are going to have a tough time keeping your windows clear and the tint won’t last as long as it should.

Ways To Clean Tinted Windows

Use Soap And Water – When cleaning tint you need to understand that it is a film, not glass. This is the main reason you need to be using soap and water as opposed to glass cleaner right now because it just doesn’t work as well. The problem with glass cleaner right now is that if there is dirt on the film, then the cleaner will just push the dirt around your window.

Follow Up With Glass Cleaner – When you are doing cleaning the window with soap and water, you then need to use the glass cleaner. The reason it is important to use glass cleaner now is because you want the tint to look shiny and have a protective layer on it.

Wipe Window Dry – After you have cleaned the windows you need to wipe them dry. If you don’t wipe the windows dry, then you will have a lot of water streaks on the window. Just do yourself a huge favor and make sure that the windows are perfectly dry when you are done.

Use Soft White Cloths – Never use a shirt to dry or clean the windows, you need to use something that will not ruin the fim. The reason this is a big issue is because a cloth like that will create imprints in the tint which is just going to make it weaker. A soft white cloth is the best way to clean and dry your window. The reason you use white is so that you can see if the cloth starts to pull apart while you are wiping down the windows.

As you will notice when you are cleaning your tinted car windows, it is easier to clean them when the windows are not hot. The problem with trying to clean hot windows is that the water or glass cleaner will dry before you have the chance to wipe it off. Trust me, when it comes to cleaning tint you have to know what you are doing or else you windows will not look right.

If you want to make your car look better then you will have to do a little bit of work. my advice is to always tint the windows because that really sets a car apart.

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