In the US every year tens of thousands of car crashes occur, and a lot of the victims end up dealing with back and neck problems. For a lot of these victims, the pain will be temporary and the individual will return to normal activities fairly soon. Basically well over 90% of accidents with pain as a result resolve within a few months.

However for a few unlucky patients, pain will persist without proper treatment. Some of the injuries that may lead to chronic pain include:

Calcium deposits and scar tissue may lead to pain and stiffness chronically.

Discs that are bulging or herniated or injured applying pressure on spinal nerves. This condition may unfortunately be chronic.

Long-term muscle spasm that can produce chronic pain syndrome.

Myofascial pain syndrome with painful trigger point areas. These are muscles knotted up and in severe spams which are painful to the touch. At times, trigger point injections allow for pain relief.

Fibromyalgia, which can also produce chronic pain. Normally, only 6% of the people over 30 years of a age have degenerative changes that lead to arthritis. However, according to a medical study, 39% of auto accident victims will suffer degenerative changes in the neck and back that lead to osteoarthritis.

Post-traumatic arthritis – Changes naturally occur in the back and neck joints as we age. In most individuals, these arthritis changes are not pain producing. In an unlucky few though, it’s a problem.

When a post-traumatic issue arise from teh accident, the carrier will try to blame the pain on pre-existing arthritis to avoid paying. They will have you see a physician who will blame the pain on pre-existing arthritis and then try to get the insurance company off the hook by stating the situation was present before the accident.

This is unfortunate as no medical provider can say for certain that the individual would have developed painful arthritis without the accident. There are several people who according to their radiographs have severe arthritis but are not (and will not) experience resultant pain.

If a person has arthritis on x-rays, that would be present prior to the crash. However, the substantial forces generated by the crash may make the condition and pain worse and tip that person into considerable discomfort.

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