What usually comes into our minds when we talk about motorcycle boots for men are those that are used by the guys in the famous TV series “Sons of Anarchy”. However, there are various kinds of motorcycle boots that most men and women are not familiar like the street and racing boots.

These other kinds of footwear have less heft and are created to provide the necessary features, support and protection whatever its use may be.

Here are the other various kinds of Motorcycle Boots:

Off-Road Motorcycle Boots – Motocross or off-road motorcycle boots must offer the maximum protection considering the great dangers that the sport brings. It must be able to protect not only the feet but the shin as well. It must be flexible enough so that the rider can still maneuver easily.

There must also be enough ankle support but make sure that you will still be comfortable when shifting gears. The out-sole must also tough and have a good grip to prevent from any slippages. These boots are also stiffer compared to other protective footwear as it is designed to withstand the tough terrains.

Modern motocross boots are made up of a combination of plastic, leather, and metal. You will also notice that this type of footwear has a metal plate on the toe area to provide added protection. You must also ensure that it will also prevent exhaust burns.

Motorcycle Racing Boots for Men – Motorcycle racing involves more speed so the dangers are also great. The good thing about it is that is usually held on race tracks which means that the chances of slipping is slim. This type of boot is created using only the toughest materials that include metal and leather.

Before you shop for a pair, see to it that it is very accessible and designed to have a perfect fit on your foot. This means that you can easily take it in and off.

Street Motorcycle Boots – If you are looking for a street motorcycle boot but want more protection and quality, you can go for a racing boot which offers the same features. What makes the two different from the other is the price and the venue of its intended use. The racing boots is designed for race tracks while the street motorcycle boot for men is for highways and touring.

Before you buy a pair of motorcycle boots no matter where and how you intend to use it, it is important to get one that has all the features that you need and not go for the first pair that you find attractive.

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