Communicating via computer based systems is currently dominating mainstream society. Not only is this because of the convenience of such a technology but because of its accessibility even to the common masses. Naturally, this lead to the booming of networking sites that offer different kinds of social access. One of them is Linked In. Getting more connections on LinkedIn might take some effort which is why you need basic facts first.

As a networking site, Linked In is focused for professional or business related matters. As of year 2011, more than 120 million users are registered under the site, spanning over 200 countries around the globe. The main purpose of the site is to allow professionals to maintain contact with people with whom they have a specific level of business related relationship. Users of the site are allowed to add people who are or aren’t part of the site.

It is extremely user friendly, allowing users to have as much freedom with applications as possible. Like goals of other networking sites, Linked In encourages users to have a great set of connection. Connection, in this case, refers to the contacts on your account. The more contacts you have, the better your connection is.

One, you can improve your visibility by adding an extensive connection on your list. Not only will this elevate you in search results but this will also add to your credibility as a business owner or professional.

Two, improve your profile. Do not just include your present companies because this will harshly limit you to a few opportunities. Fill out your profile professionally by including your past job experiences, affiliations, special awards, education and even your business related hobbies. You can even include in your profile links to your blogs and other accounts. This way, they can see that you are a real person and not one of the many hoaxes in the Web.

Three, since Linked In is a site that allows search engine optimizers to view your profile, you should improve on your page rank, especially in Google. Why Google? This is the most popular search engine optimizer in the Net which is why it already gained a definition in the dictionary. Increasing your credibility on Google and other SEOs will be an effective way of attracting people to see your profile and connect with you.

Fourth, you can also advertise your profile account in your blogs or website. Again, the key here is to advertise yourself. This will also increase your chances of being easily found in case someone searches for you in Google. Accessibility is your ally here.

Another great thing about the site is their latest feature application which is Linked In Answers. It provides tips for users to improve on their account. Use that access when you are getting more connections on LinkedIn.

When you looking to find how smart online marketers are getting more connections on Linkedin at this moment, you need to have a good look at this business article.

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