One activity that can be enjoyed by most people is baking which is about creating desserts as well as pastries such as cake. Aside from this, baking also gives the people the chance to show their inner artist by allowing them to design their creations. In doing baked products, the use of different tools and equipment such as the oven is also necessary to make the work faster and easier. Today, there are different types of oven available in the market, and one of the most popular is wall oven which comes in various brands and models.

The oven which is known today as a kitchen appliance used in heating and baking food has a rich history. It was recorded that the oven was already being use since the pre-historic times mainly as means for cooking and also in making potteries. In central Europe, dating back to 29, 000 BC the oven was used as roasting and boiling pits for cooking mammoths. Also, civilizations located in the Indus Valley and pre-dynastic Egypt was also some of the earliest cultures to use this heating appliance for cooking and masonry. On the other hand, the use of ovens for baking was recognized as contribution from the Greeks. The Greeks are also accredited for their influence in the development of bread baking into art form and among their contributions are the wide variety of dough, loaf shapes, and styles of serving bread.

As stated, various types and styles of oven to choose from are available in the market and one of the considered most popular among these is the wall oven. Unlike the regular ovens usually seen, the wall ovens are elevated off the floor allowing the users to be at eye level with oven racks. In addition, due to its elevation, it requires lesser needs for the users to bend when baking. This type of ovens aside from being popular is also very in demand and frequently reserved for kitchen renovations.

The wall ovens being sold in the market are available in different sizes and widths depending on the needs of the customers. Sizes available are 24, 27, and 30 inch being the most preferred and convenient. Others also have features such as the Large Multi Loop Bake element and Hidden Bake Element which is very useful in maintaining the heat evenly spread out around the oven. This type of oven also offers easy cleaning and wiping of spills and residue which means they are easy to maintain. Nowadays, most ovens already have built-in electric touch controls, high-low broil options, clock displays and design such as Large Clear-View Window that are very useful in achieving good baking results.

Purchasing a wall oven can be sometimes confusing considering the fact that there are numerous brands, styles, and types to choose from; hence it is important that before running to nearest appliance center to familiarize first of the things to consider and look for with the best oven. First, if you are on a budget, look for items with prices that are in the range of your allotted money. Second, measure the exact location wherein you’re planning to place your purchased item to help you decide easier which one to choose and the exact size you will. It will also lessen the possibility of having errors and the need to have your item replaced because of its wrong size. Lastly, check the size of the interior or the oven capacity. Consider your needs and choose the ones that will best suit your needs.

Baking can be a very fun and productive activity if done properly and with the use of the best kitchen appliance such as the wall oven.

Maria Ryder from Germany loves baking and creating huge varieties of pastries and cakes. She uses “Einbauherd mit Ceranfeld“, as they call it in German (or wall oven in English), in doing all her baking works.

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