In the days when my life didn’t work: When the quality of my life was low, when I was greatly unhappy, when I had no idea what was going on with me, when I had no idea why I was unhappy, when I didn’t know consciously why and how my life had evolved the way it had, before making the life changing discovery of why my life was the way it was, when I merely worked to earn a living to survive financially: I had many questions.

Even after commencing my search to discover the underlying cause of why my life had evolved the way it had, the questions and uncertainties and the anxiety and feelings of being trapped persisted.

Before I started, all I knew was that something was wrong. I felt my life had no meaning. Many things in my life didn’t make sense. I felt something was missing. I lived more or less just surviving day-by-day. Working merely to survive financially: to make ends meet.

Though I considered my life above average, most of the time I felt something was missing. During the ensuing uncovering journey I realized what it was. I (me) was missing. Thus I (me) wasn’t present in my life. What was present instead of me were my fears. During those early days I did many things in an attempt to understand what had happened to me: why my life had turned out the way it had.

Because I’m analytically minded, I researched and analyzed and needed to make sense of things. I also didn’t know which of the many services that people offered, I should go for. I didn’t know what I should measure their offering against. Bearing in mind my anxiety was rife. I looked over the offerings and went with those I felt comfortable with when reading the material offered or what the facilitator said.

So it was a case of if I felt comfortable with either the facilitator or the offering and how it was presented, I’d go for the offering. In looking back: and with the wisdom of hindsight and having found what works, I realize what was on offer wasn’t necessarily what I wanted. It was merely that the offering was well packaged, and in such a way that made me feel okay with the offering.

Therefore I went with several facilitators and offerings but none gave me a mechanism that unlocked my life and took my life to the level where I could live optimally and make a living from this way of life.

Each offering and each facilitator took it a part of the way or was merely offering me the treating of symptoms. An offering should be end-to-end, self contained from where you are in your life right now, wherever that is: to a full life, based on uncovering your optimal life (including any required self-healing) and then taking that journey to a vital step where you not only manifest your optimal life, but make a living from your optimal life: all the way to financial independence.

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