This is absolutely spot-on, and it was in line with the physician’s instructions which the Raleigh Bikes Corporation got started.

Frank Bowden was informed by his doctor to ride a bicycle for the sake of his health; the doctors had allowed him six months to live, following a severe infection caught abroad. Appropriate guidance as riding a bicycle was growing to be the “in thing.” 1987: Bowden acquired a bicycle from a company which was manufacturing three bicycles every week. He was so excited such that he went to Raleigh Street, Nottingham, address of the firm and later proposed to acquire it.

Riding bikes being the then rage, the making obviously rose and greater sites were sought and these were found in another – Russell – Street. Bowden however, chastened his business, Raleigh Cycles, in respect of the original address.

All the way to 1896, Raleigh turned out to be the biggest bike manufacturer all over the world and after the growth used up seven and a half acres in Faraday Road.

Motor cyclists were not forgotten and in 1903, Raleigh made the Raleighette, a three-wheeled that was driven by a belt. The rider occupied the back while the passenger, occupied a seat in the middle of the two front tires. Commercial losses resulted the Raleighette’s closure in 1908;

In 1915, a baronet was created and became Sir Frank Bowden.

This word, Raleigh is synonymous with bicycles globally and in the middle of the 20th century, was practically the leader in its sector.

Around the late thirties and forties, Raleigh was manufacturing around twelve thousand bikes weekly – 600,000 annually. The unique Heron Head and “Made in Nottingham” became a recognizable view and indicated to the world this was a Raleigh bicycle.

A paper ad of the time exalted the benefits of the Raleigh as: “easy running ands proving its worth on the highways and byways of every continent” – yes, as well as in war torn Europe.

In the early 60s and later years, the effortless availability of affordable cars saw the reduction of the former trusty bike, but Raleigh still kept producing them and even had plants overseas. Ireland and Canada.

Now, anybody riding a Raleigh has a wonderful machine with a proud and respected name.

On the list of passions of Tom Bing is bikes! In the course of the decades he’s grow to be quite an specialist and also started a Raleigh Bikes blog, where you can easily find facts about just about all the models and specifically his favored Raleigh Burner.

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